Roots to Plate

Fresh local produce

In December of last year I embarked on a trip that had been on the back burner for many years. A trip that would connect my love for Gujarati food, my ancestral home in India and my mother.

I’ve thought about being in India with my mother ever since I can remember. Finally the planets aligned to allow this to happen. My mother was already in Goddha, a small village in deepest rural Gujarat within the province of Surat, she had travelled there a month in advance of my arrival with the task of asking all the lovely people to share with me their knowledge of artisan methods and processes.

To follow is a series which I call ‘Roots to Plate’, Connecting what we serve at our restaurant and market stalls with the origin of the food and the artisan culture around it.

I’d like to introduce Praneti, who some of you may recognise from our Broadway market stall, she has now moved back to India and is our ‘Girl in Mumbai’ Praneti showed us around Mumbai from the perspective of someone living there, we got deep under the tourist veneer and into her world of gastronomic loves…

Praneti Kulkarni

Just as important to this journey is the fantastic Phil, a good friend who is also a great photographer and travel companion. His images help bring this journey to you. Artfully capturing the beautiful technicolour world of India.

Phillip O’Leary