Celebrate Father’s Day at one of the best Indian restaurants in London


For Dads that love Vegetarian food with a twist…

If your Dad would relish a Father’s Day feast made with love, come and dine at the best Indian restaurant in London and treat him to a meal he’ll remember for all the right reasons. And because he deserves nothing less than the full 3-course treatment, we’ve created a tempting vegetarian menu with dishes offering a deep dive into a complex underworld of spice, heat and aromatic flavour.

Available on Friday 15th and Saturday 16th June, from 6.00-10.30pm, you and your Dad will receive a starter, large main plus side, dessert & a complimentary bottle of beer for your old man for only £20

To start, work your way through a selection of traditional Paneer Skewers – marinated in yoghurt infused chilli, ginger, cardamon, ground spices and tomato and Papdi Chat – an exciting medley of coriander, onions, pomegranate, date and tamarind sauce and fresh raita. Save the best to last and feast on our special creation, Beer Bhujia – tenderstem broccoli dipped into a Partizan beer batter, served with a freshly made relish.

Treat Dad to a full and satisfied stomach and mix-and-match our main courses: Matter Paneer – a rich sauce made with tomato, peas, onion, tempered cinnamon and cloves, served with freshly made soft paneer infused lemon rind. Alternatively, switch it up for Palak Paneer – spinach and marinated paneer, cooked with cumin, chilli and ginger, onions and peanuts. Last but not least, our Dhudi Kofta is served in a rich spicy tomato sauce with Fansi, fine green beans cooked with cumin, ginger, chilli and sesame seeds.

As each of our dishes are an expression of love for family and friends, conclude Dad’s meal with our scrumptious adzuki beans served with coconut dhal.

For Dad’s that love to cook…

Because fatherly love has no limits, we want share some of that love with you bringing the finest Indian flavours to your door with this family recipe for Dhal Dippers. This simple yet delicious recipe is perfect for sharing and although created for children, it’s a treat for the whole family transforming your kitchen into the best Indian in town!

How to make Dhal Dippers?

So my kids love this, my youngest is still developing a taste for chilli, so I make it without any, except 1 dry chilli at the beginning – remember to take this out once the dhal is ready, or someone is in for a surprise! And remind them that the whole spices are for flavour, if they get any on the plate to put them aside. My eldest likes a little heat so I add a little finely chopped green chilli in for him at the end to his taste – everyones is happy! Phew!

Mung Dhal


• 3 Cardamon Pods
• 2 tbsp of Sunflower Oil
• 1 Dried Red Chilli (2cm)
• 1 tsp of Cumin
• 2 Cloves
• 1 small Baby Leaf
• 2 tsp of finely chopped Ginger
• Fresh Green Chilli
• 1 tsp of Tomato Puree
• 2 tsp of Ground Coriander
• 1 tsp of Cumin Seeds
• 2cm sliced fresh Turmeric
• 1 tsp of salt
• ½ medium onion
• 2 tbsp of fresh Coriander
• 1 Cinnamon Bark (2cm)


• Rinse the dhal through 3 times
• Soak in fresh water for 6 hours
• Rinse it again 3 times and drain
• Add enough water to cover the dhal with an additional 1.5 cm of water
• Bring it to a boil, add 1 tsp of the coriander and cumin powder and 1 tsp of salt and half of the turmeric
• Maintain a simmer for around 30 mins or until the dhal is soft when its pinched, do not let it dry out or it will stick to your pan and burn
• In another pan add the olive oil and put a med/high heat under it
• Put your dried whole chilli in, drop in a cumin seed if it sizzles quickly the oil is hot enough for the next step
• Add the cloves, cinnamon and cardamon, make sure you have split the cardamon, as it is likely to pop out on the pan otherwise – this will however happen with the cloves, so have a lid ready to shield you.
• Once you see the cloves have swelled up remove from the heat
• Now add the cumin seeds and bay leaf, allow the cumin seeds to sizzle and pop then quickly add the coriander leaves. This cools down the oil and stops the cumin burning.
• Next add the onion and sweat them, place the pan over a medium heat, once they start to just brown add the rest of the coriander and cumin powder, ginger and fresh turmeric
• Once this has all been incorporated add the tomato puree and mix through thoroughly
• Add this masala to the boiled dhal allow at least 5 minutes on a very low heat for the flavours to all meld together
• Try the dhal and add salt to your taste, add water to adjust the consistancy
• Then serve with paratha, a cheeky knob of salted butter also makes this super tasty

Green Potatoes
They are not actually green, however the fresh coriander add enough colour that my little ones call them green ?


• 250g Diced Potato (2-2.5cm)
• 2 tbsp of fresh Coriander
• 1 whole Dried Chilli (1.5cm)
• 2 tbsp of Olive Oil
• ½ tsp of mustard seeds
• 1 sliced turmeric (2cm)
• 1 sliced ginger (2cm)
• Fresh Green Chilli
• 1.5 tsp of Dhanna Jeru
• ½ tsp of Salt
• 250g Diced Potato (2-2.5cm)
• ½ tsp of Cumin


• Dice the potato and set aside
• Put the oil into a pan and heat on a med/high heat
• Add the dried whole chilli
• Test the temperature of the oil by adding a mustard seed, if it sizzles and pops quickly the oil id ready
• Add the mustard seeds and allow them to pop, once they are done
• Then add the cumin and allow them to sizzle and pop
• Add the fresh coriander
• Reduce the heat to medium
• Now add the ginger, turmeric, ground coriander seeds and cumin seeds and salt
• Mix this together until you begin to get the aroma of the ground cumin and coriander
• Now add the potatoes and thoroughly mix them into the masala
• Keep moving the potato and cook until almost done, with just a little bite – then pop a lid on and remove from the heat completely and allow to sit and finish cooking using the heat left in the pot
• Try some, add salt to taste
• Add a little fresh GREEN coriander and serve

This takes a little bit of your dad skills, if you get it right be warned they’ll be demanding them all the time! Totally delicious


• 400g of Plain Flour
• 1 tsp of Salt
• 1 tsp of Sugar
• 1 tsp of Baking Powder
• 2 tsp of Sunflower Oil
• 250 ml of Hot Water
• Rice Flour
• Cooking Oil


• Take all the ingredients and mix them in a bowl and knead into a sticky dough and then wrap and allow to sit for 20 mins
• Divide the dough into 10 equal parts and keep them covered
• Lightly oil a smooth work surface and place a dough ball on it
• Roll out the dough ball working form the centre it should be thin enough to almost see through it
• With one hand put a teaspoon of olive oil on it and spread out to completely cover the rolled-out dough
• Next sprinkle with rice flour
• Now pick up the top edge of the dough (the edge that is furthest away from you as you sand in front of it)
• Lift it away from the surface, leaving a couple of cm still on the surface.
• Lift the top edge vertically and allow it to come down, as you lower this edge allow it to gather at the bottom
• Pick up one end and wrap it around in a swirl, tuck the end you are holding into the middle
• Now lift it off the surface and using the tips of your fingers stretch the dough outwards, flattening it and stretching at the same time – be careful not to over flatten as the lovely layers we are trying to make will be lost.
• Cook this on a Tava or a non-stick pan, until it is lovely golden brown on both sides
• Just before serving scrunch the paratha a little to loosen the layers

Lemony cauliflower and carrots
Easy peasy – Get those veggies in – both my kids are mad for anything lemony, They discovered themselves that they love raw carrots in lemon and cooked cauliflower in lemon – I’m not argueing with that…


• 1/2 Cauliflower
• Few Carrots
• 1 Lemon


• Steam your cauliflower or boil for 5 minutes
• Keep the carrots raw – slice or dice
• Liberally squeeze lemon juice all over them
• Give the kids a few slices so they can do this themselves
• But remind them to do it with their eyes closed – so they don’t get lemon juice in them
• Enjoy!

Once that’s all on the table, give me a call and I’ll send my kids around for tea 🙂